Auto Repair Services

Gardunos Auto Repair gives the best ever services ranging from mechanical and electrical services which are quality guaranteed. We appreciate by focusing on details such as using the best part to repair and the same time keeping your car your car interior clean.

Gardunos Auto Repair has numerous services at its disposal. We avail the following services professionally to our clients:

Transmission Repair
Transmission is one of our maintenance services offered to customers by Gardunos Auto Repair. Gardunos Auto Repair specialized in transmission fluid, check, rep
AC Service
Air conditioning system is a vital component in your car. During summer, the day temperatures are high hence it is important to have this vital system functional in your car. In case your car ha
Vehicle Engine Repair
Gardunos Auto Repair have several qualified mechanics with an extremely different but result oriented techniques. We replace defective engine with new ones or repair. We have th
Oil Change
Changing your car's oil increases the efficiency and durability of the engine. At Gardunos Auto Repair, we will perform oil changing for your car or truck in a professional
Truck Repair
Repairing of trucks has been difficult and expensive because of high repair charges on them. Gardunos Auto Repair has simplified this and the repair of your truck having any kin
Wheel Alignment
This is also a competing service at Gardunos Auto Repair drifting or pull away of wheels while driving is an indication that you vehicle requires wheel alignment. Repairing whee
Timing Belt Replacement
Timing belt replacement ought to be changed after every 60, 0000 miles. Failure of timing belt can cause bent valves. We have been ever changing timing belt for several cars. Should your timing
Tune Up Service
We are dedicated to procure all the necessary services acquired by client and which may be varied. In this quest, tune up service is also an area of our focus within our firm. We provide several
Radiator Repair
Should your car radiate clog, corrode, wear, tear and leak leading to its malfunction, Gardunos Auto Repair has the experts to rectify this anomaly. At Gardunos Auto Rep
Check Engine Light
The automotive technicians at Gardunos Auto Repair is always there to assist you check your car system and diagnose any problem in your car and fix it. Should you notice a light

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