Car Care And Safety Tips

The world's financial crisis, inflation, wage bills, tax rate continually affects the income of peoples. Amongst those mostly affect are owners of cars due to skyrocketing prices of fuel which is an element that is majorly affected by inflation or changes in economic levels. There are various tips that a car owner needs o acquaint him/herself with so as to be prudent and rationale consumers.

  • Tires: Let them be always inflated properly. Check the frequently to ensure that the tires are always inflated.
  • Brakes: They should never be dragging
  • Fuel: Use a fuel that is meant for your vehicle; do not fuel your car on premium if it is for regular.
  • Warm up period: This should minimize because modern engines do not require it.
  • Engine idle Time: do not idle the engine for so long. Switch off when leave a car.
  • Windows: Close windows and turn on air conditioning while driving in aerodynamic design cars.
  • Load: Unload unnecessary load that may affect fuel mileage
  • Gear: drive in the highest gear.
  • Speeding: Keep the speed constant and consistent.
  • Engine oil: replace it regularly e.g. after 3 months
  • Battery: have a working battery in good state.
  • Windshield wipers: to be replaced annually.

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